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I just read an article about how commonly accepted it was to spank grown women for misbehaving. Not even always a husband, sometimes just an adult man. I will link it bellow. It also details all the spanking scenes in old films. One man spanked his wife for not making breakfast. Another one for not doing the dishes, one for. How To Properly Spank Your Wife! | Domestic submission Alaina. Age: 19. Je vous propose mes services de courtisane pour vivre une rencontre sensuelle et inoubliables The fact is that many girls are more shy than they may at first seem and may not always raise the issue if they are uncomfortable. Mar 15, - Why does everyone say spank your wife? And not husbands. Do you think wives are the only one to misbehave? Don't men misbehave? Don't you think there are men who disrespect their wives. And surprisingly, nobody talks of disciplining them. Why a man should be the one to take charge? This article. Lylith. Age: 25. Hey! Im Kat Is it normal my husband spanks me Apr 13, - My husband bought a paddle on Amazon solely to spank me. He uses it very seldomly, maybe once a year. The last time he used it was on Christmas. It really hurts! It covers my butt entirely and makes me feel the punishment at least a day. Naturally, I was extra attentive to his wishes afterwards! You can. Sep 20, - My husband spanked me and then grounded me because I wanted a break after having 6 children in the first 5 years of our marriage. Do I have Biblical grounds to divorce him for treating me like a child instead of his wife?” This was part of an email I received from a young Christian.

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Randi. Age: 30. I am naturally horny, i like to kiss and cuddle but also like handcuffs and sm games. I am a spanking husband, I started spanking my wife soon after we married and on the advise of my father in law. It came about when I complained to him about his daughter, about her over spending, staying out late and behaving as if she was still a single girl. He turned around and told me that I was not being firm enough. Some husbands dont spank so much as to punish you for a specific thing. Some husbands spank just to remind you whose boss and to keep you sweet and not bitchy towards him- to maintain respect. Most men who spank do it for a combination of all these reasons. Some men spank because their wives have asked them. Apr 12, - The women in these movies are portrayed as guilty not just of offenses against their men, but also against their community, and so their spankings are often public affairs. In Frontier Gal, nearly every key player in the film watches. In Mclintock!, when John Wayne spanks wife Maureen O'Hara, the entire.


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